If you LOVE music and you want to be in a band (or be a solo artist) or if you're already in a band and you want to kick things up a level - Music Rocks My World is for you.

    Whatever you want to do you can do it.

    Whether you want to sing, write epic songs, get the best possible recording of the songs you've written, book shows or tours, make videos, promote your music or whatever else...

    Whatever you want to do, you can do it, and Music Rocks My World will help show you how.

    Music Rocks My World is a "how to" site, a hub of information all about music to help you on your own musical journey.


    How To Use This Website

    You'll see two boxes below - "If You Want To Start A Band" and "If You Are In A Band".
    Click on whichever applies to you.

    This will take you to a page with an overview of relevant topics.


    (All the info will still be relevant/adaptable to you if are a solo artist or want to be a solo artist.)

    Click on whichever topic you want to read about to go to that page.

    At the top, you'll see a list of questions that are answered on that page.

    Scroll down to read whatever you want!


    That's it! Simple!

    ... learn about getting started, rehearsals, writing and recording songs and more.

    ... find out how to make videos, book shows and tours, promote your music and more.

    Music Rocks My World is FREE. No strings.

    Why is it free?


    Well, because when I was starting out friends and people I met helped me with all these things. Music Rocks My World is my way of passing everything on...


    You can read more about my story HERE and I've included my own photos throughout the website too.

    Some things to note...


    For Solo Artists

    Throughout Music Rocks My World I talk about starting a band or being in a band (as opposed to being a solo artist). This is because being in a band is what I've been doing and what I've known.


    If you are a solo artist, though, pretty much everything will still be relevant to you! As you read through the website, ask yourself: “How can I best apply this to me and to my musical journey?”


    I’m starting my own solo project at the moment so I’ll be updating Music Rocks My World with everything I learn that will be helpful for us solo artists as I go!




    Where This Info Comes From


    Everything in Music Rocks My World comes from my own experience and that of friends and colleagues who are in bands and who have worked with bands at all levels (really - from the smallest to the biggest) and in various capacities.


    This is music, though. There are no rules. Use this information to help and guide you but ultimately, you get to decide for yourself what works best for you and your musical journey.




    Music For Me


    Being a musician and singer and is a lifelong journey for me. I'm learning as I go. I'm definitely learning how to write better songs, how to do better shows, how to promote what I do more widely and confidently...

    Lately, as I've been recording new music, I've been referring to Music Rocks My World as a guide for myself. It feels great to have created this website that was meant for others but is actually helping me! So I'm really excited that it will help you too!




    Get In Touch


    Please do contact me if you have any questions or feedback about Music Rocks My World or if there's anything extra you'd like to see included.


    Also, I love hearing what is working for other musicians and I love the idea of continually improving and expanding this Music Rocks My World website for every musician/artist who visits it and creating our own community. So feel free to get in touch!


    I hope you enjoy Music Rocks My World and find it really helpful!

    Thank you for being here!



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