Here are some examples of how the branding developed for my band, Moth Complex, and how it changed over time.


    I'm sharing this simply to give a living example of how to put together the branding elements. I LOVE some of this branding and some of it... not so much!!! Anyway, I share in the hope that it is helpful for you!




    In the beginning I wanted a simple brand - just a white background, a strong graphic, no photos of me. G. Owens, my friend and co-writer and producer in Moth Complex created this Moth image idea, which ultimately was used on t-shirts, posters, CD covers and for this tattoo on an awesome woman in Texas (Hi, Mercedes!)



    Next, I wanted to keep the white background, but include a photo too, so people could put a face to my voice. Also, at this stage, we were calling the band MX for short (both within the band & people coming to our shows) so we decided to emphasise the M and the X in the name too.


    At this stage Moth Complex was moving to the States to tour with new band members, so I re-branded with more of a mainstream rock vibe in mind - colors of red & navy, a new font for the name.

    We used this branding for everything related to our tour - flyers, posters, postcards. It was really exciting!


    This design was by Ryan Baustert of Decibel Consulting & Design. Photography by Maggie Gulling.


    The debut Moth Complex CD, "Moth Complex".

    Back to the white background but with a yellow color introduced and a new font (and the original moth graphic inside the cover). This design was used on lots of merch (shot glasses, picks etc!)

    Designed by my friend, Aaron Geis with some pre-existing design elements from Seaworthy Media. Photography by G. Owens.




    The second Moth Complex CD, "Core".

    I saw the image on the left (and others like it) in a fashion spread in a magazine when I was in a doctors surgery one day. I LOVED the colors so I tore out the pages and brought them with me. (I didn't think to just photograph them - duh!).

    Anyway, my friend and amazing Graphic Designer, Aaron Geis, created the “Core” album cover inspired by this image & incorporating a photo of me. Didn't he do an awesome job?!


    Photography by Sarah Doyle.