Hi! I'm Aoife


    I'm the creator of Music Rocks My World


    Singing... The moments of creative flow in songwriting... The loading out of venues at 3 or 4 am after a show (even though it kinda sucks at the time)... Having songs I have written listened to by people all over the world... Sleeping on the shoulders of bandmates on long journeys... The beautiful onstage moments where everything comes together and it just WORKS...

    Music Rocks My World.



    Do you want to do these things too?

    That's what Music Rocks My World is for.

    I made Music Rocks My World so I can share anything and everything I have learned about being in a band and doing music and touring - from writing and recording to creating videos, booking shows and tours, getting endorsements and anything and everything else in between.


    I want to share all this so that you can create awesome songs and do mind-blowing shows and get to do everything you want to in music and as soon as possible!


    A bit about me...


    I'm Aoife and I'm from Dublin in Ireland - Aoife is an Irish name and it sounds very close to "Ee'fa".


    I'm a singer and a songwriter and I've toured all over the States and in Europe with my band, Moth Complex.


    With Moth Complex, I recorded two albums (they are the covers below).

    Moth Complex - Moth Complex

    Core - Moth Complex

    I got to do things with Moth Complex that I had dreamed about doing since I was a little girl - playing my favourite venues in my hometown, touring in the States, writing and recording my own songs and so much more.

    I've been singing since I was a little girl. I come from a really musical family. My brothers, my sister and my Dad are all (multi-instrumental) musicians and my Mom is a huge fan of all different types of music. Our house was by far the noisiest one on the street!


    All I ever wanted to do was sing, but by the time I got to my teens, I was too shy and too scared. I completely lacked confidence and I was kind of vulnerable and afraid of being criticized. So over the next few years, I did whatever I could to be around bands and music.


    I worked with bands. I interviewed bands. My brothers were in bands so I supported them. I was part of a group of friends who booked and promoted shows for bands we brought in to play in Ireland from other parts of Europe and the States. We also ran events and workshops and even a full music festival.


    I did all of this for the pure love of it! I was always watching from the sidelines, taking everything in, learning.

    Ultimately, I realised that if I didn't start singing and doing music myself I would never be truly happy. So I began practicing, auditioning, songwriting and without knowing it at the time, I had started the journey to what would bring me to create Moth Complex and now, Music Rocks My World.


    Through all of that, this is the biggest thing I learned:



    So by the time I actually started singing and writing my own songs, I knew lots of people in music and I got so much help and advice from the people around me.



    I began singing backing vocals for bands and musicians in Dublin and got to play shows around the country, do radio performances for everything from underground (illegal) radio stations to the BBC and sing on some beautiful songs. One of the albums I sang backing vocals on was nominated for Best Irish Album at a national awards show, so we got to sit up in the stands alongside U2 and other big bands.



    That was all fun but as awesome as it was, I had a nagging feeling that I wasn't going to be truly happy unless I could create and sing my own songs.

    I was right.



    The first time I heard my voice on the recording of a song I had written, "Cut", the first song we recorded for the debut Moth Complex album, I was flooded with emotion. I felt chills overtaking my body and tears of absolute joy in my eyes. Partly, I'm sure, because it had felt like a long road to get to that point, but also because there's something so special about making music that is your own and that means to you.


    I knew I had started something there was no turning back from!



    I now know how to write and produce songs, how to book and promote a show or a tour (even if that is in a different a country or continent). I know how to plan, produce, film and edit a video. I know basic to pretty good graphic design. I know about organising photo shoots and creating websites. I know a ton about stagecraft - although this, along with promotion - is a place I feel I still have lots to learn. I know how to get some awesome endorsements, sponsorship and placements (Moth Complex was paid hundreds of dollars to do some shows, even as an unknown band) and lots more...



    All of this is why I created Music Rocks My World.


    I want to pass on everything I can to you if you are getting started in music.

    I want to help you get what you are doing musically out into the world. I want you to have the amazing experiences in music you desire in your heart to have - and I believe that there can never be enough awesome music and awesome musicians in the world.


    There's plenty I don't know, of course, but that's when I go to musical friends for their help - and I'm planning to interview some of them for Music Rocks My World too.

    Right now, I have a load of songs that I have been writing for my first solo project. I've done my first solo show and I'm on a bit of an adventure around how the music is unfolding. So far these new songs are extremely quiet and intense, but I'm right in the middle of the musical process, so I'm not sure what exactly will unfold...

    If you like, you can keep an eye on my musical process here: www.AoifeOLeary.com. I'll be sharing new music and videos as I create them.

    I will be forever singing and playing music. It's just how I am made. If you're reading this I know that you absolutely understand what I mean and you feel the same way too!



    Scroll down if you want to see more from my band, Moth Complex - photos and videos from the tours, shows, radio performances, backstage areas, vocal booths, rehearsal studios, tours and other places music lives...



    And if you haven't already, sign up at the opt-in box at the bottom of this page to be the first to know when Music Rocks My World trainings, interviews and other stuff will be released.

    Please enjoy the site. If there's anything you want to know, or if you just want to say hi, you can email me HERE.

    Thanks so much for being here!





    Moth Complex - Tied Up In Knots

    Moth Complex - Tied Up In Knots (Acoustic Version)

    Moth Complex - Learned My Lesson

    Moth Complex - Lamb (Acoustic Version)

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