Music Rocks My World is for you if you LOVE music and you want to be in a band or if you're already in a band (and you want to know how to get the best recording of your songs or make an awesome video or book your first show or tour).

Music Rocks My World is a hub of information all about music to help you get started on your own musical journey.

To use the site just click on either of the links below ("If You Want To Start A Band" or "If You Are In A Band") to find out whatever you need to know - about getting started, rehearsals, writing and recording songs, making videos, booking shows and tours, promoting your music and much more.

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 ... learn about getting started, rehearsals, writing and recording songs and more

 ... find out how to make videos, book shows and tours, promote your music and more


All of the information in Music Rocks My World is from my own experience and that of friends and colleagues (both in bands and who have worked with bands in various capacities). I share what has worked best for us in the hope that it can help you too.

BUT this is music. There are no rules. Use this information to help and guide you but decide for yourself what works best for you and your band.

Aoife O'Leary

Please feel free to send me your thoughts and suggestions and corrections. I LOVE hearing what works for other musicians and I want to continually improve and expand this Music Rocks My World website for every musician/artist who visits it.

Thank you!!